Pain-free skin lift with the use of Q-Switch fractional laser – even for sensitive skin!
The only non-ablative fractional Q-Switch laser of this type in Poland. The procedure is practically pain-free, it does not leave any marks on the skin and shortly afterwards, patients can return to their normal daily activities. With Alma Clear Lift also patients with sensitive and very sensitive skin may undergo a dermatological lift.

What effects can we expect after Alma Clear Lift procedures?

  • Considerable skin smoothing and improvement of skin texture
  • Skin lightening, reduction of pigment changes
  • Fine lines removal
  • Reduction of the appearance of deep wrinkles
  • Levelling of skin furrows
  • New skin sensation
  • Reduction of problems with veins
  • Skin regeneration
  • Creation of a new, thicker skin layer.
  • Improvement of skin tautness
  • Increased production of collagen

What body areas can Alma Clear Lift procedures be performed on?

Now, with Alma Clear Lift even the most delicate parts of the skin can undergo safe regeneration.

  • Skin around the mouth
  • Skin around the eyes
  • Neck
  • Face
  • Hands
  • Neckline
  • Body (buttocks, stomach, thighs, arms, back, feet)

Who is the delicate Alma Clear Lift procedure for?

  • For persons who, for various reasons, cannot undergo other skin lift treatments
  • For persons whose skin is prone to redness and inflammation
  • For persons with sensitive and delicate skin
  • For persons with signs of photoaging of the skin
  • For persons with visible wrinkles
  • For persons with discoloration caused by sun damage and pigment stains
  • For persons with blemish and acne scars
  • For skin that lost firmness
  • For skin with cellulite and stretch marks
  • For persons who wish to remove tattoos

How different is skin lift procedure with the use of Alma Clear Lift from other laser treatments?

It is first of all a delicate face lift procedure, which does not leave any marks. The external skin layer is not damaged thanks to the fractional laser technique. The healing process has been reduced to the minimum and it consists in intensive skin moisturization after the treatment as well as avoiding the exposure of the treated area to sunlight. The good news for many patients is that the procedure is appreciably painless. Slight redness may sometimes appear in the treated area, which can be effectively corrected by make-up. Moreover, it is one of few laser procedures not causing skin ablation that can be conducted on such delicate skin areas as face, neck, neckline or hands.

Without skin damage, without anesthesia, with an immediate effect of skin condition improvement and reduction of imperfections.

Q-Switch fractional laser produces short energy impulses that reach deep parts of the skin. The thermal energy starts to interact with skin cells stimulating the production of collagen and accelerating cell metabolism. Old, useless cells are damaged and the areas between cells become more flexible, which results in increased firmness and lifting of the skin. The entire process takes place at the internal skin level, therefore patients do not have to worry about marks on the external skin layer after the treatment.

In Fabskin aesthetic dermatology centre we recommend series of 4-8 treatments at 2-4-week intervals in order to achieve the best results.

While you are back to your favorite activities, the deep layers of your skin are undergoing wonderful regeneration. Collagen reconstruction is not visible, contrary to quick improvement of skin condition. It increases smoothness, ensures better tautness and reduction of unsightly stains or wrinkles.

Contraindications for skin lift with the use of Q-Switch fractional laser:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Photodermatitis and taking photosensitizing medicines
  • Psoriasis, skin infections, albinism, skin damage
  • Taking medications with vitamin A derivatives
  • Suntan and using of sunbeds



Price list alma clear lift

Forehead 400 zł 200 zł
Eyes 300 zł 150 zł
Lip region 300 zł 150 zł
Cheeks 350 zł 175 zł
Face 800 zł 400 zł
Neck 600 zł 300 zł
Decolette 800 zł 400 zł
Hands 300 zł 150 zł
Face + neck 1000 zł 500 zł
Face + neck + decolette 1400 zł 700 zł

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