Sun, wind, temperature fluctuations, sunbeds, inflammation, hormonal treatments, diseases are only a few of the factors that contribute to spider veins and vascular lesions. They are a real nuisance of people of every age, especially those over 30. They can easily ruin your mood because of their unsightly appearance, which is hard to cover on the face, even under a light make-up. In the aesthetic medicine centre FABSKIN in Warsaw we successfully reduce vascular lesions, such as spider veins, telangiectasias, broken veins and venulectasias. Using the revolutionary laser Harmony Nd:YAG with radius length of 1064nm. The advantage of the method is exceptional safety and high efficiency. Thousands of people have relied on laser therapy, which thanks to the state-of-the-art cover minimizes the convalescence period after the procedure and the possible side effects. It can be applied very fast and makes the effects visible immediately after the procedure.

How does the neodymium yag laser – Harmony Nd:YAG 1064 nm work?

How are capillaries removed?

Harmony neodymium yag laser has been equipped with a few intelligent technologies minimizing the risk of burning and increasing the effectiveness of procedures. With the use of an automatic gauge applied to the body, it determines the directions of light beam releases, operating selectively, i.e. reaching only those cells that contain high doses of hemoglobin and avoiding the healthy ones. Thanks to the precise measurement, the laser sets the right energy portion suitable for the patient, which is emitted in the form of light beams of different length. Light beams reach from 720nm to 1064nm at a time, and the average impulse power of 30 Watt. It is a fantastic result, which allows light beams reach numerous skin levels, deep inside. Thanks to that it can eliminate cells better, causing microdamage in the form of a mesh, since the network of impulses is released next to one another to effectively neutralize the desired areas. It is not a dangerous process, since it only affects unwanted cells, and the healthy cells begin the process of regeneration, replacing the damaged ones. The body generates intensively, replacing damaged cells with healthy ones and as a result its creates an entirely new cell structure deep in the skin, which is what we feel as beautiful and rejuvenated skin.

Who is the neodymium yag laser – Harmony Nd:YAG 1064 nm therapy for?

For all adult persons suffering from the skin ageing problem, as well as unsightly skin changes, including:

  • broken capillaries
  • spider veins
  • stellate veins
  • port-wine veins
  • ruby veins
  • seborrheic dermatitis
  • fibromas
  • warts
  • telangiectasias
  • venulectasias
  • varicose veins
  • dilated capillaries

Who should consult a specialist before undergoing the capillaries removal procedure?

  • Pregnant women and women during lactation period
  • Persons undergoing oral retinoid therapies
  • Persons suffering from: epilepsy
  • leukemia
  • diabetes
  • Skin disease
  • skin allergies
  • After recent therapies
  • Persons taking herbs and photosensitive medicines
  • Persons suffering from photodermatitis
  • Persons with intensive sun or bronzer tan
  • After recent surgeries
  • With skin damage in the area to be treated
  • With a pacemaker,
  • Persons taking medicines that affect coagulation
  • Persons undergoing steroid therapies

What does a laser therapy procedure look like and how does it work? How many series with neodymium yag laser – Harmony Nd:YAG 1064 nm should be performed?

A laser treatment with the use of neodymium yag laser – Harmony Nd:YAG 1064 nm is conducted on a healthy person after medical consultations with a doctor. Before the procedure the treated area is examined with a laser in order to establish the right settings and parameters for the patient. The laser head is applied to the skin in an appropriate way, the patient does not feel any pain. Light signals are emitted to different depths of cells and selectively reach the places where hemoglobin accumulates, absorbing it (transforming into heat). The process that follows involves coagulation, i.e. bleaching of vessels, where hemoglobin was before, vessels are cleansed, which in effect makes skin brighter and removes capillary cracks.

The procedure takes less than twenty minutes and it does not require a long convalescence period. Immediately after the procedure the treated area may become red and swollen for 2-3 days. Some bruising and erythema may appear locally. Special care of the swollen place, such as compresses, moisturization and application of cooling ointments is required. The symptoms will disappear after a few days.

The leaser reaches up to 20-25% of cells at a time? Therefore the best results can be achieved by performing it 2-4 times. It is very often necessary to perform a few procedures on one body part in order to remove the vessels. A detailed plan of treatment will be outlined by a physician. It will be selected to match individual needs of the patient. We guarantee 100% effects. In the case of some vascular lesions, results can be seen after a few, a dozen weeks, when production of collagen which reconstructs a cell structure is increased. Do not wait any longer and consult us today to remove the capillaries.

The neodymium yag laser – Harmony Nd:YAG 1064 nm laser absorbs hemoglobin from the vessel hidden under the skin on its different levels. This is achieved by light beams, which by absorbing red cells empty the vessel and it may return to its initial form. Immediately after the treatment we can observe lightening of the treated place. Depending on the level of capillary cracking, it may be necessary to repeat the laser therapy with neodymium yag laser – Harmony Nd:YAG 1064 nm a few times at suitable intervals. the procedure is entirely safe for adults of any ages and can be applied complementarily with other rejuvenating procedures, such as laser therapy, treatments with hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy, stem cells treatment.

After the laser capillary treatment with neodymium yag laser – Harmony Nd:YAG 1064 nm

After the capillary removal procedure, it is recommended to avoid sun and UV exposure of the treated area. This refers also to the use of sunbeds, saunas, use of hot baths, exposure to high temperature fluctuations or changeable atmospheric conditions.

Before the laser capillary removal, a client should avoid the above for at least a few weeks, as well as not use any skin acids, deep peels and other procedures that affect the skin. Retinoid and steroid therapies must be discontinues, perfumed cosmetics should not be applied to the treated area. The same guidelines apply to skin care during and after the treatment. Only natural cosmetics intended for persons with skin diseases should be used for skin care, no spirits- or alcohol-based peels should be applied, soap and coarse cleansing substances should be avoided, especially during a laser therapy and a few weeks after that.

Take care of your body with a laser therapy system. We guarantee full satisfaction with the treatments. Arrange the neodymium yag laser – Harmony Nd:YAG 1064 nm treatment.

Price list laser capillary

Single vesselfrom 100 zł
Cheeks400 zł
Nose300 zł199 zł
Face600 zł
Decolette200 – 250 zł
Thighs200 – 500 zł
Calfs400 – 600 zł

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