Wrinkles, discoloration, skin damage caused by prolonged exposure to weather conditions, lack of flexibility of the skin, furrows on the face – all of this makes us feel unattractive and old. Lase resurfacing is an innovative procedure based on the use of the sensational laser technology (Harmony XL iPixel ER:YAG fractional laser).

Successfully used around the world, now also in our aesthetic medicine centre. Laser resurfacing affects deep layers of the skin, inducing delicate damage to the changed skin cells, which are removed and replaced by new ones by the body. The procedure conducted by a doctor by means of Harmony XL iPixel ER:YAG fractional laser is entirely safe and does not damage healthy skin cells. State-of-the-art laser technologies can precisely find damaged cells and aim at them selectively, which means that they reach the spots which need stimulation of intercellular regeneration without damaging the skin and burns.

Harmony fractional laser emits light beams to the cells. The emission takes place is a mesh structure, precisely reaching the places of damage. Light particles coagulate microcollumn areas inside the skin, activating repair processes, which as a result creates an entirely new, better quality skin structure, and the attractiveness of the treated area is visibly improved. The skin becomes smoother, fuller, it is radiant and looks healthy, since it is healed!

Who is the laser resurfacing procedure with Harmony XL iPixel ER:YAG fractional laser for?

For all healthy persons who wish to improve the state and appearance of their skin. RESURFACING is particularly recommended to persons with visible furrows, discoloration, wrinkles, weakened flexibility and dull complexion. It is not recommended to use any exfoliating treatments before the procedure, patients should discontinue some medications, including creams that contain retinol. It is also not recommended to conduct any acid therapies before the procedure.

Laser resurfacing delays skin ageing processes and at the same time, reduces those which already started. With one series of treatments we are able to make you look up to 10 years younger and contribute to a significant and visible improvement of the condition of your skin. Persons who have been sunbathing for many years or were exposed to severe frost and wind have surely noticed intensified skin ageing processes on their bodies. It is a perfect moment to fight for a better flexibility, appearance and color of your skin. Also wrinkles around your eyes, so hard to be removed, can be easily corrected with the Harmony XL iPixel ER:YAG fractional laser. Laser resurfacing may prove to be beneficial also for persons with skin discoloration and acne scars; the laser perfectly handles unsightly enlarged pores.

Contraindications for the laser resurfacing procedure:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Retinoid therapy
  • Use of sensitizing medicines
  • Active skin allergies
  • Psoriasis
  • Albinism
  • Epilepsy
  • Recently undergone surgeries
  • Some herbs and medicines
  • Abrasion and damage of the treated skin
  • Photodermatitis
  • Photosensitizing medicines
  • Keloid
  • Diabetes
  • Period after some cosmetic procedures
  • Dark suntan
  • Application of self-tanners

More about laser wrinkle removal with Harmony XL iPixel ER:YAG fractional laser

Before the laser resurfacing procedure, one should visit a specialist in order to agree on the treatment plan. It might be recommended to perform earlier or complementary methods, such as platelet-rich plasma, revitalization treatments, mesotherapy and hyaluronic acid fillings.

Depending on the effects of the procedure, laser resurfacing with Harmony XL iPixel ER:YAG fractional laser should be repeated 2-6 times at 4-6-week intervals. It will allow us to obtain permanent and visible effects that will maintain for up to a few years, especially in connection with other revitalizing treatments.

The treatment does not require anesthesia. The treated skin is neutralized with a special anaesthetic gel. Directly after the procedure, the treated area is red, very warm, some swelling may appear in addition to release of tissue fluid, slight oozing of the blood. During this time we use soothing and anaesthetic compresses. Swelling and redness may maintain for the last few days. Once the bruising subsides, a thin scab appears gradually peels off. It cannot be torn off or removed in a different way, it is a natural stage of regeneration outside the epidermis. Also the inside of the body undergoes intensive regeneration a few weeks after the procedure. Effects are visible after one month, it is recommended to perform another resurfacing series with Harmony XL iPixel ER:YAG fractional laser to reconstruct other cells.

Laser Resurfacing effects

After a dozen or so weeks of cell regeneration we can observe fantastic and long-term results of a series of laser resurfacing procedures. The skin is visibly brighter, regenerated, more radiant and healthy. Fine and medium lines are reduces, while deep wrinkles are less visible. Even deep furrows look much better. The complexion is free of stains and discoloration, acne scars are no longer visible. The skin has better elasticity and tautness, since the cell structure is regenerated. The procedure can be repeated once per few years when the ageing processes become visible again.

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