Accent Ultra V is a unique aesthetic medicine technology created by an Israeli brand called Alma Lasers. Accent Ultra V System is based on intelligent combination of two complementary methods of treatment, i.e. ultrasound technology and RF waves. In the aesthetic medicine centre Fabskin we use Accent Ultra V system to conduct modern body shaping procedures, including the fatty areas of the entire body, to firm the facial skin as well as reduce cellulite and unwanted adipose tissue. It is worth to add that the treatments are non-invasive and their effects are immediately visible.

Say goodbye to the flabby and drooping skin – prepare for an attractively modelled and firm image of yourself.

How does the Accer Ultra V system work?

The system belongs to one of the most state-of-the-art systems on the market. It intelligently localizes accumulated fatty tissue, cellulite and flabby skin and subsequently selects an appropriate program for problem reduction. In this way our body, facial and neck skin will be quickly and safely modelled. Depending on the stage of the problem after a few or a dozen or so treatments we may achieve spectacular effects of optical slimming and rejuvenation.

10 different Alma Laser technology heads participate in complementary treatments, for the following purposes:

  • Unipolar and bipolar head – fight excessive sweating
  • Impact head – supplies the skin with active ingredients
  • RF wave Unibody head has special covers for face and body treatments
  • Ultrasound head is used for face and body treatments
  • Movable In Motion head
  • PixelRF head
  • UniLarge head
  • UniLarge head
  • UniForm head
  • Periorbital head

Alma Accer Ultra V Ultrasound System

The ultrasound module uses medical waves, e.g. longitudinal waves, in the acoustic cavitation process, where after the initial growth of microscopic air bubbles, their implosion follows. In this process we observe the creation of high pressure zones and low pressure zone at different times. The direction of ultrasound wave distribution makes the centre ticker and dilutes interchangeably. In effect, fat cells are selectively damaged with no reactions with other centres at the same time. Transverse waves vibrate perpendicularly and start interactions with adipocytes, which are significantly larger than human cells. Accer Ultra V system with the use of the cold mode damages fat cells without affecting nerve or blood cells – thanks to that the procedure is very safe and at the same time effective.

Why does ultrasound lipolysis work so well in the case of other patients?

  • It is a non-invasive procedure
  • The laser acts selectively, without affecting nerve cells or blood vessels.
  • The waves damage only fat cells
  • The procedure is fast and it does not require a long convalescence period
  • The procedure is painless
  • During the procedure patients may relax (they feel slight warmth)

Moreover, ultrasound waves make tissue respiration easier, which initiates a faster metabolism between cells, and their membranes become less permeable. Reduced fat is excreted by the body through its systems in a natural way. Triglycerides are transported to the liver, which neutralizes them. Pure naturalness and lack of negative consequences of the treatment makes it universal for a vast majority of patients. All adult persons can undergo this procedure, unless otherwise advised by a doctor.

Accer Ultra V. your safe and effective way to your beauty. A few or a dozen of treatments will allow to:

  • Model every area of your body
  • Make your face slimmer
  • Get rid of an unwanted chin
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Shape the profile and contours of your face
  • Remove skin imperfections
  • Make your fatty areas slimmer
  • Supply valuable nutrients to the body
  • Make the facial and neck skin firm
  • Make your skin firm in selected parts of the body (buttocks, thighs, belly, arms, back)

The effects last for a long time. The more active the patient will be, the longer they will retain a firm and slim body. What is important is a well-balanced diet and life style commonly considered as healthy. We can repeat the series of treatments when after some time, we feel the need to shape our face or neck again.

Fabskin aesthetic dermatology centre will help you select the best plan of treatment so that the stunning effects of laser procedures last as long as possible!

Price list ultraformer

Twarz & szyjaProgram delikatnyProgram silnyPROMOCJA! Program silny w cenie delikatnego.
Czoło + powieka górna600 zł1100 zł600 zł
Powieki dolne550 zł1000 zł550 zł
Skronie + kurze łapki600 zł1100 zł600 zł
Cała górna część twarzy (lifting czoła, skroni, brwi, powieki górnej i dolnej oraz kurzych łapek)1450 zł2800 zł1450 zł
Okolica ust1500 zł2200 zł1500 zł
Policzki + linia żuchwy2300 zł4550 zł2300 zł
Cała górna część twarzy (lifting czoła, skroni, brwi, powieki górnej i dolnej oraz kurzych łapek)1450 zł2800 zł1450 zł
HIT!!! Podbródek + linia żuchwy + górna część szyi1350 zł2950 zł1350 zł
Cała dolna część twarzy (policzki, fałdy nos-warg, linie marionetki)3600 zł6600 zł3600 zł
Policzki + linia żuchwy + podbródek + górna część szyi HIT!!! „chomiczki”, opadające, wiotkie policzki, linia żuchwy poprawa owalu twarzy- najlepszy i najpopularniejszy zabieg3600 zł6600 zł3600 zł
Cała twarz5050 zł9400 zł5050 zł
Szyja łącznie z podbródkiem2500 zł4500 zł2500 zł
Dekolt płytki/głęboki3000-5000 zł2500zł
Piersi3500-5500 zł2999zł
Ramiona4500-6000 zł3999 zł
Zewnętrzna część mięśnia piersiowego (rozpiętki)3000 zł2499 zł
Brzuch5000 zł-8000 zł3499 zł
Boki4500 zł-7500 zł2999 zł
Plecy (motylki)4500 zł-6000 zł3999 zł
Okolica lędźwiowo-krzyżowa4500 zł-7500 zł3999 zł
Cała talia12500 zł-20000 zł7999 zł
Kolana3000 zł-4000 zł2499 zł
Wewnętrzna powierzchnia ud – połowa długości5000 zł-6500 zł3499 zł
Wewnętrzna powierzchnia ud – cała długość7500 zł-9500 zł5499 zł
Całe uda14000 zł-17000 zł8999 zł
Pośladki5500 zł-10000 zł4499 zł

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